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Getting the job done

A committed family business with work all over the world.

Bending tubes, profiles, and plates. That’s what the family business Van Rijsoort Bending has been doing since 1903. Our work can now be found all over the world in stadiums, concert halls, train stations, artworks, machines, and other structures.

Because we use Europe’s most powerful machines, we can bend a wide variety of tubes, profiles, and plates. Therefore, we can assist you with almost any bent product. Our production location in Klaaswaal is equipped to bend both cold and by induction. From large offshore projects to smaller construction work such as railings and fences. We deliver everything under the conditions you desire. Coated, with drill holes, weld edges, and also fully stamped.

And do you need help with drawing a technical design or are you interested in complete project supervision? We ensure that you are relieved as much as possible throughout the entire process. From A to Z.

Getting the job done.

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Martin Swinkels


Jolita Hitsert


Boy Wouda


Carlo Weijers


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Marian den Hartog


Mary van der Velden


Jeroen Swinkels

Lars van Meeningen


Did you know that we have existed for 120 years? We would love to tell you how we have done that.

We are certified according to:

CE NEN-EN 1090-EXC-4

ISO 9001 2015

Lloyds certified for re-stamping material

If it must be bent or curved, you’ve come to the right address