We make bends in steel, stainless steel and aluminium tube.

Tube diameters from ø10 mm to ø324 mm, in almost any wall thickness. Using our sophisticated machinery, both sharp bends (radius from 1.5·D) and gradual bends are possible, with almost any conceivable radius.

Of course we will be happy to cut the bends to size, with or without straight legs attached. The milling of welding edges is also possible. Thanks to our modern machinery we ensure the bent tube is minimally out of round.

With our CNC machines, the creation of multiple bends in one tube is quick and efficient, so you can save on welding. We will be glad to supply inspection reports with measurements of roundness and wall thickness on request.


RVS bochten


Dimensioning of bends

The principal dimensions of a bend are the radius and the angle.

For a round tube, the radius is always specified from the centre line of the tube. For a hollow section the internal or external radius is also frequently used. The radius is always measured with respect to the centre point of the (imaginary) circle on which the bend is situated. (Not to be confused with the diameter of a circle.)

The bending angle indicates the tube’s change of direction. This is not the enclosed angle as is used in maths at secondary school. It applies that bend angle α = 180° - β (alpha is 180° minus beta, and vice versa). For an angle of 90° there is no difference of course (because 180° - 90° = 90°).

Definitie buighoek 

Definition of the angle of a bend

Further, it is important to know the uprights of a bend. These are the straight legs on both ends of the bend. The uprights may be cut off immediately next to the bend, or to a different specified length. Of course, we can also deliver the uprights with excess length.

Rather than the uprights, the fabrication dimensions of a bend may be specified. We measure the fabrication dimensions from the end of the uprights to the intersection with the centre line (for dimensioning to the centre). See the drawing below for an explanation. (Fabrication dimensions indicated on the center line)

Bouwmaten, uitwendig gemeten 

Fabrication dimensions and uprights of a bend, measured externally

Key to abbreviations:

R: bend radius

α: bending angle

SL1, SL2: uprights

FD1, FD2: fabrication dimensions (here indicated on the center line)


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