We bent every spiral conceivable in tube ranging from ø10 to ø324 mm. Steel, stainless steel or copper.

With excess length or fully welded, with lead-in and lead-out bends. Including material and weld testing.

From a drawing or based on an example, from a one-off to a large series.


Spiraal lassen

Assembly of a spiral made out of stainless steel tube ø88.9 x 2 mm


Spiralen met inloopbocht

Spirals with lead-in bend as a unit (without a weld)


Samengestelde spiraal

Heating coil from ø48.3 mm tube,

assembled, welded and inspected


Conische spiraal met in- en uitloop

Conical spiral with welded-on lead-in and lead-out bends


Spiraal meten

Stainless steel spiral in ø114.3 x 6.3 mm tube


Taps toelopende spiraal met inlaatbocht

Conical spiral with lead-out bend in one piece


RVS spiralen aan boord van schip

Double stainless steel spirals in ø88.9 x 5.5 mm tube,

assembled, bracketed, welded and inspected


RVS spiraal met in- en uitlaatbochten

Stainless steel spiral in ø60.3 x 3.6 mm tube, completely assembled and welded


rvs spiralen

Spirals in ø21.3 x 2.0 tube


Spiralen 13CrMo44

Spirals in ø127 x 8.8 chrome-molybdenum tube, ready for on site

fitting, welding and finishing.


Stalen spiralen met gelaste in- en uitloop

Spirals in ø48.3 x 2.6 steel tube,

with welded-on lead-in and lead-out


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