The younger you start, the younger you learn

Already infected with the ‘Van Rijsoort Bending virus’. Niels, son of technical director Jeroen Swinkels, is really fascinated by the technique of the new section bending machine, so he started, with technical Lego….

It took him about six months to copy the new machine on a scale of 1:15. So detailed and precise that even the manufacturer of the machine couldn’t find any differences in comparison with the real machine. Every detail is correct and… it is even fully functional! Every movement his big brother can make, this Lego version can make as well. The machine is being controlled by a smartphone which is connected to the electrical motors.

These electrical motors control the bending movements and a pneumatic pump system for controlling the X, Y and Z movements of the guide rollers. A massive job with a stunning miniature result. Of course we hope the involved son will join our family company in the future.

We are certified according to:

CE NEN-EN 1090-EXC-4

ISO 9001 2015

Lloyds certified for re-stamping material

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