Agriculture & Food Sector

Agriculture & Food Sector

Agri sector

One-stop shopping

For the Agri-, food- and dairy industry, we are specialised in the bending of a very wide spectrum of sections, tubes and sheet metal.

The bending of sections, tubes and sheet metal are conducted under one roof. We also carry out all additional processes in order to provide you with bolt on products. Our services include cutting to size, categorising, welding, drilling, measurement on site, re-marking and inspection of your products.

For example we can provide:



Bent pipework (cuts out welding!)

Tank components


Reinforcement edges

Base spirals and coils


Machine parts

Cooling coils


Platforms and railings


Semi-finished products, subassemblies or one-stop shopping: we can deliver what you need.

- Rolling of all types of stainless steel, duplex, aluminium and steel tube (16-355 mm), as well as sections (XX<HEA300/<IPE360 – YY<HEA700/<IPE600) and sheet metal (t: 26 mm)

- Specialist in bending in 2D, 3D and complex shapes

- Re-marking authority and ISO 9001:2008 certified

- CE certified to EXC 4 – EN1090

- Project management and engineering

- Dimensioning of 2D and 3D products and drawing work

- Cutting to size, fitting and welding including certification

- Drilling and turning

- Storage, packaging and transport

- Preservation and coating

Agriculture & Food Sector
Agriculture & Food Sector
Agriculture & Food Sector

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