Glass Bubble Neptuna - Malmö

Glass Bubble Neptuna - Malmö



Monika Gora


Stadsfastigheter Neptuna




Sweden, Malmö


‘The concept of the glass bubble is the existence side-by-side of two climates and floras in an artificial location, namely a reclaimed site with a view of the Öresund Strait between Sweden and Denmark. These aspects are forged together in a simple and clear way.

The glass bubble was designed as a solution with both architectural and landscape preconditions. The interior space makes it possible to stay in a place that is windy all year and often cold. The glass structure reflects the light to the interior space and protects it from the sea without the view being restricted.
As well as the shape, the technical aspects of the project are interesting. The geometry and the structural design were handled meticulously, so that both could contribute to the project’s quality. Landscape architect Monika Gora’s objective was to develop as transparent a structure as possible.

Structural Design
‘The structural design of the steel part of the blob-like shape started from the previously designed glass partitions that also defined the geometry. The restriction for the structure was that it had to run under the glass joints due to the positions of the spiders. Various possibilities were discussed, and finally a clear and simple structure was opted for: a double main load-bearing structure of two tube sections that form the backbone of the glass bubble, with a secondary structure that also consists of tubes as the ribs of the glass form.
This choice led to a simple appearance of the glasshouse and also to a high degree of transparency of the outer wall. In the optimisation of the steel structure, the glass surface was used as a shell in order to reduce the deformations in the steel. The connections between the various steel tubes were made with the help of a sleeve to give rise to the suggestion that the tube sections run into each other. All the connections between the steel tubes are moment-tight so that the dimensions of the sections could be optimised.’

Source: Octatube website

In 2005, Van Rijsoort supplied all the bent steel tubes for this project, in the dimensions Ø254x10, 168.3x10, 159x12.5 and 121x7.1 mm.

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Glass Bubble Neptuna - Malmö
Glass Bubble Neptuna - Malmö
Glass Bubble Neptuna - Malmö

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