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Van Rijsoort Buigwerk was founded in 1903 and has developed in over a century into a specialist in the bending of tube and sections.

The great variation in tube diameters, sections, metals and product shapes means that we can be of service to you with almost any bent product. And certainly if you add the extra possibilities here, including sawing to size, welding, drilling, milling, galvanising and powder-coating.

Thanks to well-trained personnel, modern machinery and a progressive innovation department, Van Rijsoort Buigwerk has belonged to the top of its trade for decades.


Since October 2013 we are CE certified according to NEN-EN 1090-1:2009 till EXC 4.  

Click here for our CE certificate. 



Since July 12th 2013 we have quality-marking authority, so

we can re-mark your tubes.

Click here for our Quality Re-marking certificate.


Since April 27th 2012 we are ISO 9001 certified.

Click here for our IS0 9001 2015 certificate.




About us
About us
About us

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